20 Acres West Texas Ranch Unit 213 Tract 19

20 Acres West Texas Ranch Unit 213 Tract 19

Payment Options Payment Note(s) $22800 Total Price , $0 Down $188/month, 7%…

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Payment Note(s)

$22800 Total Price , $0 Down $188/month, 7% rate

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20 ACRES, UNIT 213, TRACT 19

Hudspeth County Texas

GPS: 31.7310960, -105.5169700

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LEVEL PROPERTY NEAR ROLLING HILLS! PERFECT FOR THE OUTDOORS PERSON. BEAUTIFUL CORNER LOCATION, GREAT FOR HIKING, CAMPING OR BUILD YOUR “OFF GRID HOME” ONLY 60 minutes from ranch to El Paso. Land has been surveyed, Roads, EZ access and road signs. Affordable monthly payment. (Map is at Bottom of listing)

A Dream Get-Away

Over the years, we have had hundreds if not thousands of people looking for a way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy life in a Tiny Home.  The difficulty is that even when you find a location that attracts you, local zoning restrictions prevent you from using it the way you want.  This has frustrated us as well!  We are committed to bringing the BEST investment land to our customers.  To that end, we have discovered West Texas Ranch Land where there are VIRTUALLY NO RESTRICTIONS!  

Under our new banner of TXLandLots, we have acquired a LIMITED AMOUNT of 20-acre ranch land in WEST TEXAS just outside of El Paso. They are “tiny home” friendly and ready for you to enjoy. Even if you don’t have or want a Tiny Home, come with your RV, Trailer and enjoy the endless skies and serene surroundings afforded by land so incredible, it will become a family legacy!  Finally, a peaceful weekend retreat of your dreams is here and best of all, AFFORDABLE!

You may fall in love and want to live here on a more permanent basis and that is now achievable. You will love the tranquility of your private ranch and say there is nothing better than sitting back and watching the cattle roam under the setting sun. Your search and big dreams will have really paid off.

Be A TXLandLots Success Story

Join us as we fulfill the dreams of a few select action takers and become a TXLandLots success story too! Buy your own little slice of heaven when you purchase ranch land in west Texas through TXLandLots. The 20 acre tracts of land for sale are located just 55 minutes east of El Paso. Each property is surveyed, registered and comes with unspoiled, breathtaking mountain views.

Worried you can’t afford to own land? You don’t have to be. TXLandlots offers the best value in America with $0 down, owner financing and a money-back guarantee.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with TXLandLots today and start writing your own success story!

20 Acres $0 Down $197 per month, Premium Location ON EASY ACCESS PACKED DIRT ROAD!!…Want to save $3,000? Just ask us. America’s best value. Where in the U S A can you own 20 acres with $0 Down, $197 per/mo? with roads, surveyed, guaranteed money back privilege and near two Cities!

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$22800 Total Price , $0 Down $188/month, 7% rate

Special Offers!SAVE $3,000 by making a ONE-TIME principal payment of ONLY $388!!OR SAVE $5,000 by making a ONE-TIME principal payment of ONLY $588!!

(This is ONLY added to the payment you are making today)

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El paso

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Unit 213 Unit 213Tract 192









Dirt Road



31.7310960, -105.5169700



Residential / Surveyed


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